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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5

Summer Term 2021

Areas of study for Year 5



This term, the children will be writing a diary entry based on the book ‘Holes’ written by Louis Sachar. They will also explore the key features of biographies and conduct research to find out about Sir David Attenborough, before writing a biography about him. The children will make cross-curricular links when they write an explanation text about Niagara Falls, linked to their ‘North America’ geography topic. In the second half of the term, the children will have opportunities to explore and write a ‘flashback’ through the film narrative of The Piano. They will also have the chance to write a story from another culture, which will be closely linked to their history topic and based on an Apache myth.


This term, the children will be taught about the place value of digits in numbers up to one million, and will continue to practise ordering and comparing numbers; this will include numbers with decimal places. They will re-visit column methods to add and subtract numbers to one million, including carrying and exchanging, and be encouraged to check their answers by using an inverse calculation. They will also recap the formal method of long column multiplication and use the ‘bus stop’ method of division. When working with fractions, the children will be comparing and ordering fractions by finding a common denominator, they will also be converting between fractions, decimals and percentages. The children will be given time to continue practising their times table and related division facts, with a focus on the speed of their recall.


During the first half of this term, the children will be focusing on poetry. During their guided reading lessons, the children will have the opportunity to read aloud through individual and choral reading, discuss and answer questions using our whole school approaches of ‘Go APE’ and ‘Reading with RIC’. They will practise how to interpret a text, retrieve information and find evidence to justify their answers. They will also have opportunities to discuss the authors’ choices of words and phrases. During the second half of the summer term, the children will explore a wide range of genres, including narratives, non-fiction texts and play scripts.


In French lessons, the children will focus on ‘Les Planetes’ and learn how pronounce the planet names in French. They will also learn how to say an interesting fact about most of the planets. In the second half of the term, the children will be learning about the subjects taught in school, and will be introduced to telling the time in French.  They are given the opportunity to hear how to pronounce French vocabulary correctly and given time to practise speaking the new words aloud.


The children will begin the term talking about ‘Growth Mindset’ and how they can maintain a positive approach to learning; this will link to this half terms ‘Habits of Mind’; striving for Accuracy. They will then go on to learn about physical health and mental well-being. Later in the term, they will have opportunities to explore the topics of ‘Growing and Changing’ and ‘Keeping Safe’.


The children will be considering a key question this term, ‘How do followers show commitment to their religion?’  Children will begin by looking at commitments people may make and what these might mean to them. They will then look at what it means to break a promise and how this might make them or others feel. The children will explore the commitment of weddings, the importance of prayer and/ or worship to religious followers, and what fasting is. The children should be able to identify the similarities and differences between different religions by the end of the unit.


In PE lessons this term, the children will be taking part in a dance unit, exploring Native American dance, which links closely to their history topic of North America. The children will be given the chance to hear traditional styles of music and practise the different types of dance steps found in Native American dance. During the term the children will be working together in pairs to create their very own dance sequence, which they will then perform to their peers. In outdoor PE lessons, they will be taught how to play cricket and learn the throwing and catching skills associated with the game.


This term, our geography topic is ‘North America’. The children will use globes, atlases and online maps to discover where North America is – they will find out facts about the continent; how many countries are in North America and compare key geological features across countries in North America. They will also find out about lines of latitude and longitude, using these coordinates to locate countries around the world. Finally, the children will look at biomes and make comparisons between world biomes and those in the UK.


In the second half of the summer term, our history topic is closely linked to the geography topic of North America. The children will explore the history of the first native Americans, finding out about their lifestyles, language, tribes and traditions. They will also be given the opportunity to research and discover more about the gold rush and how this was a significant event for North America.


For the first half of the autumn term, the children will be building on their previous knowledge of living things. They will explore the life-cycles of plants and mammals and plan scientific investigations to answer a key scientific question. After half term, they will be learning about animals and humans, and exploring the different stages of development.


In music lessons, the children will listen to a wide range of quality music drawn from different traditions and great composers. This term will see the children focusing on the Baroque period and learning about the famous composer Vivaldi. They will spend time exploring the pitch and tone made by different instruments and will then have the opportunity to create their own piece of music inspired by Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.

Over the course of the summer term, all children will have brass lessons. They will be delivered through Berkshire Maestros who will take small groups of children each week to learn to play the trumpet.


Over the course of the term, the children will be using the software ‘SonicPi’ to explore the topic of coding. During this unit of work, they will be encouraged to think about how  computers respond to instructions and how programmers can use this to create programs. The children will to use SonicPi to create and sequence a piece of music using computer commands. This will provide the children with experience of creating, altering and debugging their own digital computer compositions.

Art, Design and Technology

The children begin the term by exploring the work of Alberto Giacometti, an artist famous for his elongated bronze sculptures. They will be shown how to create their very own figures using wire and modroc. They will then design and create their own piece of 3D artwork with a focus on movement.  In DT lessons, the children will find out about the history of apple pies, which is linked to their geography and history topic of North America. They will find out how pies have changed through the years and explore different flavour combinations. Finally, they will have the experience to create, make and evaluate their own apple pie

*If you require additional information relating to our school curriculum, please ask at the school office or the class teacher.