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Governor Profiles

Governor Profiles

Chris Jones

Having worked in the banking industry for 20 years and a parent to three young children I was keen to offer my financial and managerial experiences to the school.  I joined the Governing Body in 2004 and continue to work with my colleagues to ensure that Owlsmoor Primary School continues to go from strength to strength. 

I am committed to ensuring that our school offers all pupils the very best start in life, to achieve the best outcomes in the wider curriculum, whilst at the same time maintaining a secure, safe, nurturing and happy environment.

Brian Francis

Having worked for an International Company for over 30 years as a senior manager, I then retired and moved into the Sandhurst area.  I then wanted to give some of my spare time and management experience to a good course, so I become a Governor of Owlsmoor Primary School in 2006.  During the past 12 years that I have been involved with the school, I have seen the school go from strength to strength.

One of my aims has always been to ensure that the pupils receive an excellent education in the 6 years that they are at Owlsmoor Primary School.  I am also committed to ensuring that all the children are safe and secure whilst they are at school, and that they are happy and enjoying being part of an excellent school.

Angela Allard

I am delighted to offer my business and finance skills to the strategic direction, development and support of Owlsmoor school; its pupils and staff. I believe that all pupils should have access to a quality education and this in turn contributes significantly to the wellbeing and success of pupils and wider society.

My experience in working in the private sector and higher education for the past 18 years as a Chartered Management Accountant [ACMA, CGMA] means I can offer a sustainable approach to decision making. 

I have lived in Sandhurst for over 14 years and have a young daughter.  Having actively sought out the opportunity to contribute to the local community, I’ve previously held a co-opted governor role at College Town Junior School.

Daniel Barnett

I am delighted to be elected as a parent, it is important to me to have the opportunity to help my own children and others have the best start in life.  I feel the experience I have from my own work career and public service roles can make a positive and valuable contribution to Owlsmoor.

I have been lucky enough to undertake roles in the past (an currently) which I feel make me suitable for the role.  I am passionate about using my experience to help young people succeed.  I have previously been an elected local councillor.  I was active within council meetings and had a strong focus on driving the youth agenda within the local areas – this included working closely with the council on youth provision and we had several successes in this area, including getting a local skate park built which was in high demand.

I also mentor undergraduate students and Lancaster University (I was a student there previously – although it feels like a long time ago now).  I work with new students each year and support them with career choices, plus practical skills (for example, interviewing skills).

In my day job, I am a member of the UK Senior Leadership team for a well-known global restaurant brand.  I have worked in Operations and People Leadership roles for over ten years and have been lucky to work across the UK (and internationally).  I have enjoyed working with many people art different levels and from different walks of life; to help them achieve their goals.  I strongly believe that everyone has the opportunity to succeed in life.

Rob Fox

The education, support and development of children is a subject very close to me.  Having had experienced both the good and the bad throughout my own education and school years, I feel I have a lot to offer.  In my career I focus heavily on career development and support which again I feel would be an asset.

I have lived in the community for most of my life and feel passionately about the environment my own children and their peers grow in, learn and develop.

I am a coach and team manager for Sandhurst Boys and Girls Football Club.  I am a strong believer in a hardworking environment balanced with fun a caring support.  My experience in Project Management and wider career knowledge I hope will support the School, Parents and students well.

Christina Fromont

I have been a resident of Owlsmoor for many years, and now a parent to two young children.  I want to focus on providing the best for my children and for other children at Owlsmoor Primary School.

I have worked in Marketing for the last 20 years in various industries and I can bring a wealth of marketing experience to the Governing Body.  I also have a experience and skills in creating and maintaining websites, web based forums and other social media platforms

I am always 100% committed to the roles I take on and understand the importance of confidentiality. I look forward to my role on the Governing body and improving the lives of the children who attend the school.

Elizabeth Horner

As a new member of staff, I feel I have a lot to learn about Owlsmoor. Through becoming a governor, I will have access to greater training opportunities to further my understanding of school processes and better myself as an educator.  I also care for the present and future students of Owlsmoor, and I want to ensure they have an engaging learning experience through leveraging my position by enhancing the training in place for teachers. I feel I have a great understanding of the views of parents, staff, and children of Owlsmoor, and I would like to further understand and advocate for their views in meetings. In my new role I would like to create better engagement opportunities between all parties to air their views on important issues within the school.  Finally, I have thoroughly enjoyed my short time working for Owlsmoor. I am really passionate about teaching and ensuring children enjoy their experience at school; I look forward to working with the governing body.

Jonathan Slot

I spent 15 years in Advertising before coming a teacher in a private Primary school in Balham. I changed career because I have a passion for teaching and a passion for improving children’s' prospects. Recently I was classroom teacher, but I also ran the school's marketing and was part of the school's pastoral leadership team. I am a teacher, but also someone with extensive commercial and management experience. This gives me empathy with the teachers and the challenges they face, as well as an insight into the commercial and management realities of running a large organisation. I am currently the Deputy Head at an Independent schools.  I would like to become school governor most notably because of my passion for the pastoral and academic development of children from all backgrounds.

Jane Lucas

Underpinning my years as a teacher was my belief that all children deserve to receive a first rate education in a safe learning environment that delivers a stimulating curriculum and encourages high standards of behaviour and respect for others.  I see each child as a unique individual who deserves guidance and encouragement in order to develop a lifelong love of learning and, if a school gets that right, is then able to reach their full potential and feel personal success.

I think that I could offer skills and knowledge that would be an asset to the school and I would be fully committed to the role.  The Coronavirus pandemic has, despite the hard work of all school staff, affected our children’s education.  This is something that all schools will need to address.

Stuart Beattie

I believe that education is a vital part of a child’s development and that laying a solid foundation in their early years is critical to establishing a life-long love of learning.

Over the past 25 years, I have worked in senior technical and marketing roles for various technology and IT companies. I have built up skills in technology, marketing, management and strategic planning. I am keen to use my experience to support the staff at Owlsmoor Primary School in giving the pupils the foundations they need to become successful in later life.