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Creative Writing

Creative writing would be a great thing for children to do whilst at home. They can have freedom to be as imaginative and creative as they like when creating their own stories, and it is something that most children can do without an adult. They could even put their stories into little booklets and illustrate them too!

In this section, we have included some different stimuli for creative writing to help get the children started. At school we always encourage the children to plan their stories before they write them, which can be in pictures or in notes, as this can help them when they come to write it.

‘Story Builder Cards’ – EYFS/ KS1 

Ask your child to select a character, a setting, an object and a time using the cards (they don’t need to be printed out, they can look at them on the screen). Can they write a story based on the different things they’ve chosen?

‘Three Elements’ – KS2

Ask your child to select a combination of three elements. Can they then write a story that contains the three elements they have chosen?

‘Narrative Writing Prompts’ – KS1/ KS2

Picture prompts with different starting ideas for creative writing. Children can choose one, read the information on the card to get them thinking, and then they can get started. 

'POBBLE’ Daily Picture – KS2

This is a great website, where there is a different picture provided each day. It has a ‘story starter’ box next to the picture with an idea for a creative writing task. The website offers other activity suggestions based on the picture as well - such as providing questions for the children to answer about the picture, providing sentences that can be improved by the children and it also offers ideas for artwork that children could produce based on the picture.    


Below are links to short film clips with suggested ages. Each one has a creative writing challenge to go with it, asking children to create their own story inspired by the film.


Creative Writing Challenge – Can you write this story from the point of view of one of the meerkats?


Creative Writing Challenge – Can you write a story based on a transformation (a change) of a different kind? Perhaps the character becomes rich, or turns into a different creature, or swap places with someone else? Write a story about what happens to them in their ‘new’ form.


Creative Writing Challenge – Can you write a story involving a different dream or nightmare given by the Dreamgiver?

There are lots of other film clips and activity ideas available at:

BBC Bitesize – KS2

Children can also visit the ‘Creative Writing’ section of the BBC Bitesize website, which has some video clips with more information and advice on creative writing as well as some activities.