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School is closed - all lessons will be online while we are in national lockdown. More details.

 - Remote Learning - 

A remote learning curriculum is available for all children who do not qualify for a school place. This curriculum  follows the weekly timetable for each year group and mirrors the learning activities being delivered in school. The remote curriculum is delivered as assignments through Microsoft Teams and should be accessed through your child’s individual login details; these are the same as those sent out in reading records prior to the online parent consultations in October. If you have lost your child’s login details, please let the office know as soon as possible.

Each year group sets remote learning activities through the ‘Assignments’ section of Teams; these will be available to access by 9am every day. The activities come with instructions for completion and, where appropriate, a suggestion for how long children should spend working on the activity. Once all of the remote learning for the day has been completed, it should be submitted to the class teacher with any attached documents at the same time, rather than as separate items, using the ‘turn in’ option. Attached documents could be in the form of a computer document, scanned documents or photographs. Teachers will view completed work between the hours of 8.30am and 4.30pm, adding comments and feedback for children as appropriate.  

Within Teams, children will have access to a ‘Posts’ tab. May we politely request that children are reminded to only post learning-related comments in this area, rather than social chat.

All  platforms that we are using can be accessed on any device which can connect to the internet. There are a number of useful webpages and video clips online detailing how to access and return assignments using Microsoft Teams but if  you have any issues accessing or returning work, please let the office know as soon as possible.

Kind regards


E A Cole (Mrs)