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Year 4 Swimming Starts for 2 weeks

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This event will take place on 20/11/2023

21st September 2023


Dear Families,


Swimming Lessons – Year 4 Autumn Term 2023


As required by the National Curriculum, the children in Year 4 will be taking part in a swimming course in the autumn term.  It is a government requirement that all pupils in KS2 are taught swimming as part of their PE lessons. The details of the course have now been finalised and are as follows:


Course begins:       20th November 2023           

Course ends:           1st  December 2023

Day:                            Daily

Location:                  Owlsmoor Primary


Elite Swimming would like us to arrange the children into provisional groups prior to the sessions:

  1. Non-Swimmers to be able to 5 meters

2.   Able to swim 5 Meters to 15 meters

3.   Able to swim 15 meters and above


During the first session, Elite swimming will formally assess the children and if any of children are in the wrong group, they will be moved into the next appropriate group.

Each group will range between 10-12 children.


Children will need to bring to school on a daily basis:

  • Named swimming hat
  • A sensible costume should be worn, allowing free movement (we request that girls wear a one-piece swimming costume rather than a two piece)
  • Named plastic bag to store wet swimming clothes
  • A change of dry underwear – especially if you are Group 1
  • Sliders 
  • Towel
  • Goggles are not required, but if the children do prefer to use them, they must be named and the child must take responsibility for their safe-keeping
  • No jewellery should be worn in the pool (including stud earrings)
  • Infectious foot diseases, e.g. athlete’s foot, verrucas etc. should be covered with a special sock, available from the chemist


Children will change in and out of swimming gear at school however, Group 1 can come to school with swimming gear under their uniform. They will need to rermember to bring dry underwear J  (Group 1 familiies will personally be  informed by a staff