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Healthy Mind Week

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This event will take place on 07/10/2019 until 11/10/2019.

Next week we are holding a ‘Healthy Mind Week’ at school, tying in with ‘World Mental Health Day’ (Thursday 10th October). Over the course of the week we will be talking to the children about how we can work at having a healthy mind, just as we can work at having a healthy body. The topic will be handled in an age-appropriate manner and will involve discussions around identifying and managing feelings, being positive about ourselves and being considerate towards others. We will explore ways to look after our own wellbeing, including maintaining good physical health through exercise and nutrition, and finding time to relax and have fun. As part of this learning, we will be discussing the reasons why limiting screen time, spending quality time with family and friends instead, is good for our wellbeing; we have attached a parent information leaflet on this topic for those you may be interested to read it. If you have any questions regarding what will be covered during the week and how, please speak to your child’s