Year 5

Welcome to Year 5


Spring Term 2018

Areas of study for Year 5*





How to Train Your Dragon – Cressida Cowell

(Instruction Writing, Non-Chronological Reports and Persuasive Leaflets)


Sonnets – Shakespeare


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

(Chronological Reports,  Narrative Writing and Explanation Text)



Place Value


Addition and Subtraction

Multiplication and Division

Geometry, Shape and Measure


Focus this term will be on applying learnt skills to problem solving and using reasoning to give explanations to how to solve problems in a variety of mathematical contexts.



Guided Reading (5 times per week)


Narratives (Alice in Wonderland and The Secret Garden)

Poetry (The Jabberwocky)

Non- Fiction (Reports and Newspapers)


Children will be taught to answer a range of questions using the text to support their answers. They will also be asked to use evidence to support their own ideas.





Classroom Objects

Classroom Lessons

Understanding the difference between masculine and feminine words.

Expanding on what is liked and what isn’t and giving simple explanations.






Guru Nanak

The 5Ks

The establishment of the Khalsa

The meaning of Sewa



Real PE


Focussing on communication and team work through playing a range of team games.

Ball games and skills




Sorting and Classifying Materials


Separating solutions and mixtures

Thermal and electrical conductors

Using scientific equipment to test a hypothesis

Making predictions

Drawing conclusions from results



The Vikings


Reasons for their invasion of Britain

Timeline of key events

Establishment of Danelaw in England

Relationship with the Anglo-Saxons

Viking Gods and Mythology

Viking way of life



Local Area Study


Study of Sandhurst and the surrounding areas and how they have changed over time.

What impacts on the development and growth of a settlement?

Gathering information during a field trip

Map work and identifying key features on a map.




Music Appreciation (BBC Classical Music Scheme)




Web design (HTML)

Creating a class website based on dragons.

Researching appropriate and effective website design.



Using blogging to communicate an idea and expand on a discussion.

E-Safety and appropriate use of media online that is shared with others.

Art, Design & Technology


Sketching of landmarks and landscapes in the local area

Developing shade and tone on sketched drawings

Developing the use of a sketchbook

*If you require additional information relating to our school curriculum, please ask at the school office or the class teacher.