Year 5

Welcome to Year 5


Autumn Term 2018

Areas of study for Year 5*



To develop an understanding of narrative structure

To use a range of sentence types

To use descriptive language to describe characters and setting

To write short stories based on pictures, films and texts

To conduct research

To write a non-fiction text.




To know and apply the place value of numbers with up to 5 digits.
To be able to add increasing large numbers mentally.

To be able to use a formal written method for addition and subtraction.
To be able divide and multiply using a written method.

To understand fractions are part of a whole.

To add and subtract fractions with increasing accuracy. 



To read for pleasure a range of fiction and non-fiction texts

To develop inference skills
To be able to retrieve information from a text


To be able to say simple phrases in French.

To write simple sentences in French.

To be able to read simple sentences and understand the meaning.


To understand the religious teaching of a range of religions.
To begin to make connections between religion and other areas of modern life.


To be able to catch and throw with increasing accuracy.
To develop tactics when playing team games.
To work well as part of team


Ancient Greece






Ancient Greece


Where is Greece?


Listening and appraising music from a range of genres and time periods.


Code breaking

Computer programming

Art, Design & Technology

Making clay pots

Designing and making a moving Trojan horse.

*If you require additional information relating to our school curriculum, please ask at the school office or the class teacher.