Year 5

Welcome to Year 5


Spring Term 2019

Areas of study for Year 5*



To develop note-taking skills

To write non-chronological reports using appropriate features

To include thoughts and feelings within a recount

To write a diary entry based on an event

To read and edit pieces of writing

To develop self-editing skills and techniques, including the use of a dictionary

To use a range of punctuation for effect

To use figurative language to enhance description

To explore English grammar conventions

To develop use of ambitious vocabulary



To read, write, order and compare numbers up to 1,000,000

To round numbers to the nearest whole number and decimal place

To add, subtract, multiply and divide numbers using appropriate written methods

To add and subtract using fractions

To identify improper fractions and mixed numbers and convert between the two

To use decimal fractions to solve problems

To find percentages of amounts

To compare fractions, decimals and percentages

To identify metric units of measures and convert between similar units

To use metric measures to solve problems

To convert between metric and imperial units of measure

To identify prime numbers up to 100

To use Roman Numerals to represent a range of numbers

To identify, use and measure angles up to 360°

To identify and compare the features of common 2D and 3D shapes.



To read and interpret a range of text types and genres

To answer comprehension questions in sufficient detail

To gather and use appropriate evidence from the text

To record notes and use these to comment on a text

To comment on an author’s intention for using words and descriptions




To be able to translate and understand simple classroom commands

To be able to name, in French, the different items within a pencil case

To be able to write short sentences  in French



To explore how life and death are celebrated in global religions.



To develop control, fluency and consistency in movement

To use communication effectively when working as a team

To improve coordination, particularly balance

To increase reaction times when throwing and catching

To understand and explain how often/how long you should exercise for to

be healthy.



The Vikings



Science Week- Mission to Mars


Viking Invasions and Viking Britain


To locate countries on a map, focusing on the location and landscape of Scandinavia.



To listen and appreciate music from a range of genres.

To sing with correct tempo and melody.
To compose short pieces of music using a range of instruments.



‘We are web designers’. Create and publish a website using code.
Online safety - using the internet and other internet connected devices safely.

Art, Design & Technology


To investigate a product and evaluate designs

To use a variety of methods to join chosen materials

To use a range of drawing skills for specific purposes

To use shading, light and tone to improve the realism of a piece of art

*If you require additional information relating to our school curriculum, please ask at the school office or the class teacher.