Severe Weather


In the event of severe weather, we have, on occasions, been forced to close because there are insufficient staff available to run the school without jeopardising the health and safety of pupils.

If the school has to close, we will endeavour to make a decision by 7.45 of that day.  Parents will be informed by the following methods:

  • A message will be posted on the school website and on the school Facebook pages.
  • A message will be sent by text.
  • Information will be relayed to and broadcast on local radio stations

BBC RADIO BERKSHIRE broadcasts on 104.1, 104.4, 95.4, 94.6 FM & DAB,

HEART broadcasts on 97.0, 102.9, 103.4 FM

              READING 107 broadcasts on 107.0 FM

You should always assume that the school is open unless you hear to the contrary through the radio/school website/text.