Governor Profiles

Find out a little bit more about the Governors and what their motivation was for becoming an unpaid volunteer for the school.

Mrs C Jones - LA Governor (Chair)

I have been a Governor at Owlsmoor Primary School since 2004.  Prior to having my family of three children I worked in the financial industry where I held various management positions.  Since leaving I have spent the last 15years working self-employed in order to devote more time to bringing up my family.  With all my children attending Owlsmoor I wanted to ensure that it was one of the best schools in the area and would enable all its pupils to achieve their full potential.

I was initially elected as a Parent Governor and attended all Governor meetings at the school and numerous Governor courses and Conferences at our training venue, to improve my effectiveness in the role.  After a short period of time I attained the position of Chair of Premises and Community Committee, and Vice Chair of Governors.  In 2008, I became a Local Authority Governor  and in July 2011 I took up the position of Chair of Governors.

I am an active member of the Governing Body and a regular visitor to the school.  I work closely with Governors, Staff and Headteacher to ensure that the strategic direction of the school will enable all children to excel.

Mr B Francis – Co-opted Governor

I moved to Owlsmoor in 1993 after taking early retirement from a multinational Company, during my 32 years at the Company I held various senior management positions.

When I first moved into Owlsmoor I worked as a volunteer at an old people’s home in Crowthorne, as a driver and then become Chairman of the home, I held this position for 5 years.

In 2005 I become a community governor at Owlsmoor Primary School, my main reason for becoming a governor was my interest in children’s education, and I believed that the experience which I have gained during my working life would be a great asset to the school. I have served on various committees and at present am Chair of the Resources Committee, and Vice Chair of the full Governing Body.

Mrs C Ablett - Co-opted Governor

I have lived in Owlsmoor for many years, and when I retired I wanted to take a more active role in the community. I had spent my career teaching languages in secondary schools and welcomed the opportunity of continuing my interest in education, but in a new sector. I have always thought it to be a great privilege to help and guide young people in the classroom. It is very rewarding to belong to the governing body, responding to the responsibilities and challenges involved, and working in partnership with so many people to ensure that the pupils have a happy and secure environment in which to develop and achieve their potential.

Angela Ford - Co-opted Governor

I have lived in Owlsmoor for 30 years and both of my children attended Owlsmoor School. I joined the Governing Body because the school played a major role in my family's life and gave my children an excellent start. I believe that a school can have a huge influence on not only a child's life but also on the lives of parents and the local community.

Whilst my children were at Owlsmoor I was an active parent helper and through the encouragement of their teachers returned to a career in education. I now work as a Learning Support Teacher, specialising in teaching children with literacy and numeracy difficulties. As a new Governor at Owlsmoor I look forward to working as part of a team to ensure that all children achieve their full potential and enjoy their learning experience.

Julie Read - Co-opted Governor

I currently have three children at Owlsmoor Primary School; I want their experiences at primary school to help them achieve their full potential every year so they go forward into secondary school with a good foundation of knowledge, self confidence and respect for others. I undertook the role of Parent Governor in June 2013 because I want to be a part of the team that ensured Owlsmoor Primary School is aiming to be the best it can be. Since that time I have also been appointed firstly as a Lunchtime Controller and subsequently as a Teaching Assistant; this has allowed me to change my role and to be elected as a Support Staff Governor. These roles have enabled me to see the school from many more angles and appreciate much of what is needed to maintain the current standard and improve the school further.

Paul Castledine - Co-opted Governor

My daughter is currently in year three, though we have been part of the Owlsmoor Primary School community for nine years since my eldest daughter was at the school.  In that time I have seen the school grow both in numbers and size. Throughout this the school’s values and ethos have remained constant, providing a caring and stable learning environment for our children.

In my day job I am involved in law enforcement at Heathrow Airport.  With a responsibility within my team for child welfare and safeguarding of vulnerable adults.  Working as part of a team I am aware of my responsibilities and playing my part in completing the task in hand.

Having a child so happy at the school, I wanted to contribute however best I could so that others can have as positive experience of Owlsmoor Primary School as we have had.

(Skills and Experiences: Legal).

Matthew Grant - Co-opted Governor

I wanted to volunteer as a parent governor because I recognised the importance that education and the environment in which that education takes place has on to the successful development of children.

As my son has progressed at Owlsmoor Primary School, I have seen the significance of the quality of education he has received, and the effect this has had on his development.

Through seeing the excellent efforts of the staff at the school to maximise the quality of the school experience, both academic and social, I feel all parents owe a debt to the school and its staff.  For this reason I have volunteered my time and skills as a parent governor.

(Skills and Experience: Educated to A’level, BSc and Phd; Effective communicator at a wide variety of levels; Good decision making and risk assessment skills; Certified (Princez) project manager; Financial Skills: Budget Management and investment appraisal; Contractual negotiations and basic legal knowledge; Basic language skills in French and German; Keen sportsman, understanding of the role sports play in development of interpersonal skills and personal development; Basic IT skills, understanding the role IT plays in contemporary education).

Allison Martin - Co-opted Governor

As a qualified Kay Stage 1 and 2 teacher with 5 years KS1 teaching experience I have a great understanding of the teacher/teaching perspective.  I have also been a governor at my child’s school for 4 years and prior to training as a teacher, I worked in social research.  I feel that the combination of experience and knowledge that I have brings essential support and skills to the governing body.

Christina Fromont - Parent Governor

I have been a resident of Owlsmoor for many years, and now a parent to two young children.  I want to focus on providing the best for my children and for other children at Owlsmoor Primary School.

I have worked in Marketing for the last 20 years in various industries and I can bring a wealth of marketing experience to the Governing Body.  I also have an experience and skills in creating and maintaining websites, web based forums and other social media platforms

I am always 100% committed to the roles I take on and understand the importance of confidentiality. I look forward to my role on the Governing body and improving the lives of the children who attend the school.

Andrew Passingham - Parent Governor

As a parent with two children at the school I am ever more interested in the welfare and education that the school provides.  I play an active role in the education of my children, I enjoy helping with homework, which comes with great satisfaction and frustration in equal measures!  I also take time off work to attend school events wherever possible, and I understand the importance of education in the early years of a child’s development.

I have been a police officer for 17 years and currently work in a centrally based unit responsible for improving safeguarding measures for children across London, particularly those reported missing and I am one of three subject matter experts in the subject of missing people for the Met police.