We offer a number of clubs and societies with different clubs offered dependant on the age and ability of the children.  If you are interested in having your child take part in one of these activities please collect a permission sheet from the school office.


Owlsmoor Primary School

Extra-Curricular Clubs – Spring Term 2019


Before School or Lunchtime

After School




Judo** (Y1-6) (8:00-8:45am) – Coach


Maths games (12.15-12.45) Mrs Wood


Green Team (12.15 – 12.45) Mr Horton




Y3/Y4 Indoor Athletics (3.15-4.00pm) – Mr Dolby

Y5/Y6 Hockey (3.15 – 4.00pm) –

Mr Methven

Y3/Y4 (3.15-4:00pm) – Friendship Bracelet club (Already Full) – Miss Bowden



School Council  - (12:15-12.45) Mrs Layton-Matthews and Miss Edwards - Old Kingfishers class


Y3/Y4 Hockey (3.15-4.00pm) -

Mr Methven



KS1 Hand bell club – (11.45 – 12.05) Ms Gardener

Y3/Y4 Homework club– Mrs Walden – Pelicans class

Y5/Y6 Homework club  Y6 teachers to rotate

KS2 Running Club (12.20 – 12.45) Miss Poulter

Y5/Y6 Indoor Athletics (3.15 – 4.00pm)  Mr Methven

Y3/Y4 Netball (3.15-4.00) –

Miss Horner

Y3/Y4 Science club (3.15 – 4.00)  (Already Full) Mrs Panesar

KS2 Choir (3.20 – 4.00) 

Mrs Brown-Nicholson



KS2 Salsa club – (12.15 – 12.45)  Dance Studio – Mrs Barton

Y5/Y6 Newspaper club (12.15-12.45) –

Miss Parkinson

RRS Champions Meeting – (12.15 – 12.45) Miss Grant – Old Kingfishers class

Y5/Y6 Netball (3.15 – 4.00)

Mrs Fish


Y2 Hockey  Mr Methven




Y1 DT club - (12.15 – 12.45) 

Mrs Leggett (Spring 1 – Year 2 children)

                    (Spring 2 – Year 1 children)

Y1/Y2 Homework Club (10.10 – 10.30)

Y5 Drawing Club (12.15 – 12.45) Miss Hipkin

KS2 German club (12.15 – 12.45) Mrs Johnson

Y6 Drawing Club (12.15 – 12.45) Mr Taylor



All Clubs to start W/C 14th January 2019 (unless told otherwise)

Please note:

·         If any changes to the above arrangements need to be made during the course of the term, children and parents will be notified.

·         If an activity has to be cancelled on the day (e.g. because of staff illness/weather), children will not be sent home unless parents have been informed. Please monitor the weather and collect your child at 3:10pm if a club cancellation is likely.

·         Permission slips will need to be completed for after school clubs only.

* *   There will be cost for these clubs which will be detailed on the permission slip.


  1. JUDO Monday Morning-OWLSMOOR