Nursery parent and teacher consultations

Feb 19
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  • Nursery parent and teacher consultations

    28/03/2017 -

    2nd March 2017

    Dear Nursery Parents

    We are holding our spring parent and teacher consultations on Tuesday 28th March from 9.00 am until 12.00 pm and on Wednesday 29th March from 1.10 until 8.00pm.  On the Wednesday, children will need to be picked up at 12 pm on this day. The consultations are an opportunity for you to talk to your child’s teacher about progress so far and targets set for the coming year.  An appointment sheet outlining the times available will be put on the outside door or window of the nursery on Monday 20th March after school, for you to select an appropriate time (a maximum of 10 minutes). If it is pouring with rain the lists will be put up outside the school office under the covered walkway.  If you have more than one child in the school, please allow at least 10 minutes between appointments.

    The consultation for your child will take place on the Tuesday in the meeting room (just opposite the hatch in the main office), and on the Wednesday in the dance studio (adjacent to the main school hall).  Your child’s work will be put out in the nursery for you to look at either before or after your consultation.  Please respect the confidentiality of other children’s work which will also be on display.

    If you are not able to come into school to sign up for a time, then please ring the office the following day (Tuesday) and they will let you know what times are still available.  On the Wednesday, there will be a “crèche” running in the library with a video for children to watch whilst you are talking to your child’s class teacher.  

    Miss McAllister, (deputy headteacher) and I will be available during the consultations if you would like to discuss anything with us.  Mrs Slade (the inclusion manager is unable to attend on this day).  If you would like to discuss anything with her, then please talk to your child’s class teacher to book an appointment with her on a different day.

    Yours sincerely

    E A Cole (Mrs)