Year 2 visit to a synagogue.

Feb 19
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  • Year 2 visit to a synagogue.

    24/02/2017 -

    Year 2 Parents

    As part of our Religious Education curriculum this term we will be visiting the synagogue in Maidenhead.  This visit will involve a short talk by a representative of the Jewish faith and the opportunity to look at the building, the artefacts, and ask questions. This trip will be paid for by the school, but a voluntary contribution of £1 towards the maintenance of the synagogue would be appreciated.

    The visit will take place on the morning of Friday 24th February and we would be grateful if you could provide your child with a packed lunch on that day, in case we return later than expected for lunch.  If you would like to volunteer to help, then speak to your child’s class teacher but please be aware that spaces on the coach will be limited. Children should wear full school uniform including their jumpers and bring a comfortable coat.  No additional snacks, drinks etc will be required for the trip, as we will only be in the synagogue itself for approximately one hour.

    The children are looking forward to their visit.  Please sign and return the attached consent form by Friday 10th February.

    Many thanks

    Ms Gardiner                       Miss Thompson              Mrs Panesar


    My child _____________________________________ is/is not given permission to visit


    Maidenhead synagogue on the 24th February.  I do/do not enclose a donation of £1.


    Signed ______________________________